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Striped marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas
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Looking to tangle with fish that carry sticks up front? Then you'll have to pony up some extra cash and find charter boats and crews that are willing to put in extra-long days make extra-long runs to the north. About the only place you'll find billfish in decent numbers is up the Pacific coast from the Finger Banks to Magdalena Bay.... and that's a 50 mile run at minimum. Boats that are making the trip are having mixed results. Private boats have scored well some days with reports of 8-10 striped marlin taking trolled lures or live baits. Only a few charters have made the trip and that's mostly because few anglers are willing to pony up an extra $300-400 for fuel. An area of 75-78 degree clean blue water is what's holding fish and it speaks volumes about why those fish have not moved south... yet. They will and we expect that will begin come April as we see our local waters warming.

Not a peep from these golden wonders of late. But that's normal for the first quarter of the year. In a great year we see them returning it good numbers come April but the action for these tasty, hard-fighting explosions of color doesn't come to fruition until May. We don't see that being any different for 2017.

Way too early for these toothy speedsters although one here or there wouldn't be unexpected. If you're looking to target hoo's... come see us in June.

This is their time of the year yet they're not showing up in big numbers. It could be that they're holding on structure spots few boats are working or they're still on the move looking for the best spots to ambush bait schools. There have been some good days with several 30lb plus forktails hitting the deck and that should continue and improve through April. Best bet is live baiting or jigging iron at 120-150 feet near structure or whenever you're marking good volumes of bait at that depth..

Lots of folks have been running out 25-30 miles looking for schools of porpoise and the concentrations of bait those porpoise are feeding on. When they're found you can be sure that some tuna are trailing the porpoise. The bad news is lots of those trips end up a bust. Funny enough, the best tuna action has been found freakishly close to shore. We're talking swimming distance from shore. For a few days in early March there were spots of tuna more than willing to take flylined sardines just outside the Arch off Cabo. Those tuna averaged 20lbs with some to 40lbs which makes for great fights on light tackle and some great eating.

One of our favorite inshore species is the Sierra. They normally are schooling up just a few hundred yards off the beach crashing bait schools on the backside of waves breaking toward shore. That's where we'll be trolling rapalas, spoons... even casting flies for these tasty critters. They simply not here in numers we normally see this time of year. We expect that to change in the next few weeks. Most of the inshore action right now is for bottom fish like snappers and groupers around rocky structure.

Spring hasn't quite sprung yet, but don't fret. It will. Pretty soon we'll move from turning back the clock to turning the handle on big, beautiful fish! Come fishing in Cabo!! Book a charter if you want to show old man Winter who's in charge!

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Kayak fishing for Marlin in Cabo San Lucas
Yep, marlin fishing from a kayak.... FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

An Angling Experience You Won't Soon Forget
We're always looking for new ways to make a day fishing with us memorable, so we've just added Kayak Fishing as an option to our charters. If you've ever thought about testing your angling skills against marlin, dorado, or tuna from a kayak... now's your chance to actually do it. For an additional $150 fee, we'll bring along a Hobie kayak and when we get on some fish, we'll drop it over the side and launch you on your way to making lifelong memories. That's none other than owner Don Armstrong pulling on a striped marlin that took him for a 6 mile ride in bit over two hours. Don won, releasing the fish after reviving it alongside the kayak. These Hobie's are equipped with a pedal drive system that makes fishing at water level remarkably easy and comfortable. Advance notice is required for the kayak fishing option.

Find the Best Time of Year to Fish for Your Favorite Gamefish Species
There really isn't a bad time of year to come fishing in Cabo San Lucas. In fact, a "bad" day fishing in Cabo is likely to rival the "best" day fishing anywhere else in the world. Still, there are times of the year that have been historically proven to be the best months to fish for game fish like marlin, dorado, tuna and wahoo. The chart below will help you make the decision as to when to target them and when you're most likely to have epic days on the water chasing your preferred game fish species.

Blue Marlin                        
Black Marlin                        
Striped Marlin                        
Sierra Mackerel                        
LEGEND Spotty, Slow Fair Good Excellent
First place marlin in the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament
Team Chupacabra and their first place blue marlin
at the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament
(photo courtesy of Los Cabos Billfish/Bonnier)

Team Karma 3 at the 2011 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament
Team Karma 3 and their tournament leading tuna
of 216 lbs at the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament
(photo courtesy of Los Cabos Billfish/Bonnier)

A slow start to the year isn't all that uncommon. Sure, it sucks that we're not pinned to the rail with a hell of a bend in our rods, but patience will win. Slow times have us looking back at fish logs for similar starts and we're happy to report that history is on our side. Whenever we've had slow starts we've also had some banner years. It doesn't take much to turn slow to speedy. A little warmer water brings scads of bait that brings pelagics like pigs to the trough. Should history repeat itself as it often does, we could be in for a quick change from slow to go.

Take a look at the map below. It marks some of the most productive fishing areas off Los Cabos and we're going to be sending boats out to each and every one to scout out the best spots for our clients. Right now those spots are focused on the Cortez side of the Cape with inshore areas around Palmilla Point leading the way. As the waters warms we'll be looking at the Pacific more as that's where we usually find the action starts.

Fishing hot spots map for Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas
This map shows the most productive banks, canyons and seamounts off of Los Cabos. Click on the image for a larger version.

As the weeks move on we'll be making trips up the Sea of Cortez to work the Gordo Banks area. When water temps start heading back into the upper 70's, low 80's we'll be looking for a reappearance of tuna up on the Gordo as well as black and blue marlin who come looking for an easy meal along the drop-offs and ledges the Gordo is famous for.